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PostSubject: PLZ READ IT WILL CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS 'BOUT QUAKE   Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:15 pm

Po!son wrote:
Thought this made a good point, so I copied and pasted it here :D

Reaper wrote:

At one point in time during my years playing Q3 I spent more time trying to make a difference than I did actually trying to enjoy the game and the company of the friends I've made playing. With the slow demise of the clan-based community (at least in the USA) I've seen the error of my ways. Is it wrong to try to make a difference in a game/community you care about? No.

However at some point you need to realize there isn't much left you can salvage in a game that saw it's "golden years" pass it half a decade ago.

Some people hold themselves in a higher regard than others due to their clan's policies/rules; the same policies/rules that segregate them from over half the remaining community.

These same policies make these people a leper amongst their peers because while they believe what they are doing is right and within their best interest, the only thing it really does is form a divide between them and the vast majority of what's left of the Noghost community.

My question to these people is if they're so concerned with the idea of facing people they don't trust or have a questionable history why are you still playing 1.16 Noghost? It's contradictory to worry so much about x-cheaters and yet refuse to move onto a game with Punkbuster (actively updated) or some other form of actively updated antibot that's worth a damn.

If you're so concerned about who you're playing that you only actively play 3 or 4 of the remaining clans, incidently clans you can beat the crap out of, maybe that's a hint you and your clanmates should move onto something else. You make your existence in a gray area of suspicion and fear of defeat; I believe I make an enlightened observation since I've been on both sides of the equation (3 times).

As always, I'm sure my thoughts jumped around while making this post but the overall message should be in there.

While you laugh at the people other clans recruit, the same clans laugh at you for your inability to come to terms with the reality there isn't much left to the game. While you restrict yourself to a short, defined list of clans to play the same people you don't allow yourself to compete against enjoy the company of one another regularly. You basically make your clan an island to itself which somewhat defeats the purpose of being a clan in the first place.

Scrim when you can while you can. Do so with the friends you've made over the years you've spent playing. That's why most of us got so addicted to railfreeze in the first place; just hanging out while playing a few games with online pals.

Would it be nice to think everyone is playing on a level playing field? Of course. Any online gamer would hope to believe this. We all have people we find questionable, and in a game with such outdated detections it's even more expected for people to suspect. However, letting the unknown deter you from taking part in the game itself begs the question of why do you play at all? The community is small enough without adding any further restrictions on top of it.

Personally I do not play as often as I did a few months ago, but whenever I do I know I'm on a roster with the people I've enjoyed the company of the most over the past half decade + . I hope everyone can say the same about the clan they're apart of.

Whoever is on the opposing side in a game is no concern to me at this point. Overall, the outcome of a match is basically meaningless due to the fact the arguement of "best clan" is no longer a valid one. With oNu gone. o2o gone. eRa gone. dXa gone. #1 gone qOs gone. - being the best clan now is like being the smartest student in a summer school class. Nobody cares.

In closing, get over yourselves and just enjoy the game for what it is. Otherwise you may as well find another game.

and my response to the passage:

Un!ty wrote:
this is so true. i mean seriously what are you going to get out of being the clan no one can beat if you havnt played the reitred clans that were the greatest in their time? its completely pointless.

People in the game these days are either people who still enjoy the game, was passed down from a parent(me) or simply found it online and got addicted. so what if your the best clan. what are you going to do when you get bored of winning? i know that sounds crazy but if you win EVERY game it WILL get boring. all im saying is that its not always great being the best players especially when some of them have absolutely no social skillz or respect for anyone else who plays the game.

that is another reason why i love this clan n2p. you guys accept just about anyone. doesnt matter how good they are. you are just looking for another quake lover to get to know and play along with in scrims, practices, or just a server like 2k10dallas.

i dont think you guys know how much this post upped my respect for you guys. it shows alot and non of being selfish. i love this clan and i plan to stay here for a very long time.

so have fun, compete, practice, joke around, but whatever you do, dont turn into stuck up snobz! :face:
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PostSubject: Re: PLZ READ IT WILL CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS 'BOUT QUAKE   Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:01 pm

Yeh the 1.16 community kinda blows. But I guess that is what you get when so many people know eachother. People talk to much. People are rude. People cheat. And other people are obsessing with catching cheaters. Leaders of clans make stupid rules. And all this crap instead of just having fun. Personally I don't really get it. I am only clubbing for now because of these reasons, eveything is laid back, you play a game, you win or lose, nobody really cares.

People who talk to much: Q3 is not jerry springer or some lame soap show. I know many people really have no life, but talking about others really doesn't make yours better. So just talk about yourself, leave or stfu.

People that are rude: You really don't have to act all rude or polish for no reason. It really is just a game.

People that cheat: Go ahead. It gives me great pleasure that you actually join a game and admit to yourself you are a loser. You want to be a winner so badly that you have to cheat. Luckely everybody else knows better then you. I know you don't see it that way since you aren't caught yet but I just like the fact that in real life you can't cheat many things and you will most likely fail at those things as much as you fail at playing a stupid game.

People obsessed with catching cheaters: I think its good there are some there but seriously... Don't you have anything better to do? You do realise that you will "catch" innocent people in the process. And who cares about pathetic cheaters anyway, they only train you to become better.

Leaders of clans making stupid rules: Are you just seriously trying to ruin peoples fun on purpose? Yeh I get that someone can't join another clan. Loyalty and everything. But why can't they join a normal (slow) rail clan or a/w clan or ctf or trick clan or whatever while you don't even play those gaming styles? That's just stupid, isn't it? Why are they also not allowed to join clubs or play vs other clubs? Are they not allowed to play with other friends and all their friends have to be in the same clan? Are you actually that terrified to lose vs a bunch of random players that might be better then you? Or is it really that you are so scared to play vs cheaters? If so, why havn't you made anti cheat software instead? It is just a game, stop pretending to be a cop.

Okay that felt good. :) I will probably edit my post later when I sober up. I am sure I can think of other things why the 1.16 community sucks. And yeh, it's not all bad. I did meet some cool people on here where I can play fun games with and have a nice chat with. But damn... many people are working really hard on ruining it.
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PostSubject: Re: PLZ READ IT WILL CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS 'BOUT QUAKE   Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:52 am

tis too long to read...so i just skipped it xD
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PostSubject: Re: PLZ READ IT WILL CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS 'BOUT QUAKE   Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:27 am

i agree with it all but i dont know what to say lol. i know how quake is, what kind of people there are and how much rules sucks. And i also know why im playin this game and that it is only for fun :D
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