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 Zlatan thinks that Zlatan should apply.

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Zlatan thinks that Zlatan should apply. Empty
PostSubject: Zlatan thinks that Zlatan should apply.   Zlatan thinks that Zlatan should apply. EmptyFri Nov 21, 2014 2:55 pm

I think the best start to this will be introducing myself to such a nice lot. Well, my name is Zlatan and I am way ahead of my adult life. I mean well ahead... moving on! I don't even know why I want to join this club, I am good on my own and don't really need to represent anyone, or do I? I see a lot of different people with clan tags, club phrases next to their names and I just thought "why can't I have one?" I wanted to start my own thing, get a couple of people together and start a organisation. But wait, this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. After a week or so I decided to remove the club, thanked people for sharing their time with me and they were happy to represent me and the club but let's just move onto the application, shall we?

1. Do you accept our expectations?: I have fully read them even before I started writing this boring ass application, so yeah, I accept.
2. Quake Name: Well, I use different combinations with "Zlatan", e.g. "YouknowZlatan?" but mainly just Zlatan with a little symbol just to add a little ring to it ^^
3. Location: Sweden
4. Age: Is it required? I can tell you individually but don't want everyone to know it. I love being secret.
5. Have you ever been caught cheating? or ever dropped?: Never, I think it's embarrassing for people to use cheats/hacks whatever you want to call it to get a couple of frags. And no, I never was and never will be caught because I don't use any. blush
6. If so, how many times?: Zlatan thinks that this question shouldn't be answered.
7. Past clans and clubs that you have been in: Nope, always an individual although I have been asked to join few teams before.
8. How long have you been playing quake 3: A long time, I cannot specify the exact number of years but long time.
9. Your reasons for wanting to join Lost club: Well, there is not main reasons for me to join but I just want to get along with number of cool, chilled people and enjoy the game with you guys, nothing else.
10. Your Email address / msn address / Xfire name: I didn't even know you needed X-fire so I went along and got this thing working, q3zlatan <- add me whoever wants to or needs to.
11. Screen shots: I never take screenshots of my score, it is always my individual record and I feel there is no need to share it with anyone because they know I'm good. I prefer if someone watches me play, how can you know what style I play?

Thanks for your patience getting through with that thing, I am prepared for this to be rejected and if there is any need, I can provide any necessary information that will be needed in order for this application to go through successfully. Be prepared to get Zlataned guys! See you around.
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Zlatan thinks that Zlatan should apply.
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